25. AUGUST 2016  


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 Dress - HERE / Shoes - ASOS / Earrings - Pieces / Balloon - HERE


Happy birthday - we are now 5!
I say we, because there wouldn't be me without you. You are an amazing bunch of people and I'm very happy to have you in my life. These past five years have flown by so quickly and been full of meeting new people, adventures and collaborations. Thank you for these years and lets keep on growing bigger and better. Talking about being better, then how do you like this new design? Now you can read this blog only in Estonian or in English and you can choose your language by clicking on either of the two flags that you see on the top of the page. So no more double texts in posts - yay!
Right next to the flags you can find the menu and from there you can choose what posts you would like to read. Also if you click on the keywords above or below posts, then it will also show all posts made with these tags. This doesn't 100% work yet, because I have to go through all of my post (1000+) one by one, but I'm getting there.

Everything should work, but if anything isn't working for you, then please let me know and we'll get it fixed  

For all of this I have to thank my brother, who built it from the scratch and I'm pretty sure he wanted to srangle me few times along the way, because of all of my wishes. If you need a website or a new webdesign, then you can find his details from the bottom of the page.

Also another thanks goes to my family for being supportive. Altho my sister's boyfriend frequently talks about showing the "real" me. This topic mostly comes up, when we are at out country house and I look like... a hobo to say the least - wearing the strangest clothes and looking like a mess. Then they always joke around how "glam" I look in the blog, but if the readers only knew the "real" me. Its all love - I feel it! :D

And last but not least - a huge thank you to my most awesome boyfriend, who is always willing to take pictures of me (and be in my Snapstory, even tho he hates it :D )

So once again thank you all!

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  25. AUGUST 2016  


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Chanel bags are one of the most loved bags in the world and I’m pretty sure every women wants to own one. I actually couldn’t even find a store that sells them, but you can check out the used ones from HERE. The price for them starts from 3000€ and goes up almost 9000€ depending on the size and material. When the price for a used one is that much, then imagine how much a brand new could cost?! I found a very similar quilted bag from Ebay (HERE) for just 13€ (+ 8€ shipping). It comes in black, wine red, purple and blue suede. Lets be honest the royal blue suede bag looks pretty amazing and I really want to order it!




  22. AUGUST 2016  


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green flowy dress leather jacket mariliis anger red lips quilted bag

Hey-hey everybody! 
Hope your weekend went great and you all all rested for this new (work)week
Those who follow me in Snapchat (mariliisanger) already know that I went to Riga in the weekend, but I will tell you more about it in another post, because today I'm showing an outfit that I already wore last week, but because the time somehow went by so quickly I didn't have time to post it.

green flowy dress leather jacket mariliis anger red lips quilted bag (2)

Leather jacket - H&M (similar HERE) / Dress - HERE / Shoes - Ebay
Bag - Ebay (similar HERE) / Earrings - Pieces

green flowy dress leather jacket mariliis anger red lips
green flowy dress leather jacket mariliis anger red lips quilted bag (3)
green flowy dress leather jacket mariliis anger

Now I have some cleaning to do - altho I vacuumed the entire apartment before I left home, then today in the daylight I saw dust rolling around everywhere. How is this even possible? What in the world are the cats doing when I'm not around!? :D



  19. AUGUST 2016  

SPEND OR SAVE - small Chloe "Faye" bag

Fashion     spend or save

chloe faye bag spend or save cheap mariliis anger

I really-really like the small Chloe "Faye" bag. This is one of the bags that I would be willing to buy as an original, because I think its such a classical and beautiful piece. The price for the bag is a bit over 1200€ and you can get it from HERE. I came across this very similar bag in Ebay and from there you can order it for  15€ (7,4€ the bag + 8€ shipping). It comes in grey, brownish orange and black and you can check them all out from HERE. When I saw it I knew I had to get it and now the grey one is on its way to me!



  18. AUGUST 2016  

EBAY GOODIES - home edition

Lifestyle     Ebay goodies

ebay goodies home edition mariliis anger kodusisustus ebay leiud

I found myself browsing around in Ebay again and this time I'm showing few things with good prices that you can order for your home. I really like the hanging copper lights, the baskets and the tropical pillows

Industrial lamp (14€) - HERE / Copper baskets (10€ + shipping) - HERE
Flowers (1,2€) - HERE / Poster (5,7€ + shipping) - HERE / Copper lights (14€) - HERE
Marquee letters (9€ + shipping) - HERE / Tropical pillow (3,1€ + shipping) - HERE

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  17. AUGUST 2016  


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For R's birthday last year I gave him some active presents. Take a look from the video below to see what excactly were those. Have any of you done anything similar?

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  16. AUGUST 2016  

TREND - over the knee boots

fashion     trends

over knee boots mariliis anger ülepõlvesaapad

This over the knee boots trend is still going strong and they are so easy to style for different looks & weather. I really need a flat pair for fall and number 1 looks perfect and the price is also good (62€). The heeled grey ones look really pretty aswell... what a hard life it is :D
What do you think about the trend? Do you like over the knee boots or not?

1 (also in BEIGE) / 2 (similar in TAUPE) / 3 / 4



  15. AUGUST 2016  


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white summer flowy top leather zara zipper pants mariliis anger (2)

We took these photos few days ago and oh how I wish it was this nice weather outside today. It was quite bad & rainy weather for all weekend and today is no better. Yesterday we went for a little (11km) walk and visited the Kiipsaare lighthouse. If you follow me in Snapchat (mariliisanger), then you saw how pretty it was We almost got away with dry feet, but on our way back, we got some heavy rain. Luckily we had umbrellas with us, but with the wind blowing from all the different directions, there was no use of them and we still got a little wet. So we decided to hide under trees and wait til the rain stopped :D But overall it was a great day and I'm not complaining.  How did you spend your sunday?

white summer flowy top leather zara zipper pants mariliis anger (3)

Bouse - HERE / Pants - Zara / Shoes - ASOS
Sunglasses - HERE / Earrings - Pieces

white summer flowy top leather zara zipper pants mariliis anger

white summer flowy top leather zara zipper pants mariliis anger (4)



  15. AUGUST 2016  

Comfy flats for fall


fall autumn shoes flat comfy mariliis anger sügisjalanõud

Most of us don't want to think about the fact that summer is ending, but its slowly happening. Altho I really like summer, then fall is actually my favorite season - I love the fresh and bit crispy smell that welcomes you in the morning and all the pretty colorful leaves. With august almost half way through and the weather is getting a bit colder by the day, then here is my first fall fashion related post and for that I picked out 9 cool flat shoes appropriate for a bit chillier weather. My favorite ones are 5, 6 and 8
PS! ASOS has a huge sale at moment and most of the the things are 50% off! Check out women from HERE and men from HERE

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9

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  10. AUGUST 2016  


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pregnant fashion blogger mariliis anger rase blogija riietus 1

Few days ago I wrote about one of this summer's hottest trends being white denim (THIS post) and then I remembered I should have a denim jacket somewhere in my closet. Did some searching and found it! I am pretty sure that its actually one of the oldest pieces I currently have in my wardrobe and it still looks as good as new. I love rediscovering things A nd talking about the dress that I'm wearing, then it actually isn't even a dress. It was a skirt, but it looked really strange on me, so I decided to wear it as a dress. I practically live in these strechy material dresses at moment with my growing bump :D

pregnant fashion blogger mariliis anger rase blogija riietus 2
Jacket - Levi's / Dress - HERE / Bag - Choies (similar HERE)
Sneakers - HERE / Sunglasses - Ebay

pregnant fashion blogger mariliis anger rase blogija riietus 3

pregnant fashion blogger mariliis anger rase blogija riietus